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Dear Patients,

In the current national and global crisis, it's important for all of us to work together to minimize unnecessary exposure to ANY pathogens.

We realize that this information has become quite redundant by now, however, please keep in mind that YOUR SAFETY and OUR SAFETY is our top priority.

While we have always practiced the best infection control standards, we are making a few changes in the office.

After much consideration and a recommendation from the American Dental Association,we will remain OPEN for EMERGENCY CARE ONLY, to alleviate the burden to the surrounding hospitals emergency departments.

However, all routine and elective procedures will be rescheduled after the Shelter in Place is lifted by the State of Pennsylvania.

By suspending our routine services, we will stop consuming the essential protective and sanitation supplies that are in short supply at hospitals across the nation.

I am limiting my dental care to emergency treatment to do my part as a healthcare professional and community member to lessen the negative impact that COVID-19 will have on all of us.

By doing our part in beating this virus, we will return to normalcy in the very near future.

Thank you,
Timothy A. Ungarean, DMD, MAGD